Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wednesday, April 7: "Get Opinionated" Book Reading

Wednesday, April 7th @ 7PM - Free

Reading: Amanda Marcotte “Get Opinionated!”

In “Get Opinionated!: A Progressive’s Guide to Finding Your Voice,” Amanda Marcotte advocates that young people can effectively involve themselves in promoting social change, and she tackles topics such as LGBTQ rights, reproductive freedom, and the war on drugs - with humor and smarts. Join her for a reading and receive a nudge for getting your confident self involved in politics. Marcotte is the author of “It’s a Jungle Out There” and is a contributing writer at pandagon.net.

Info: Bluestockings

1 comment:

  1. 1. Her book is at best a successful marriage between the talking points of CNN and Fox News, which are ordained under the title of “Get Opinionated.”

    2. I am certain that many English Professors would let out a deep sigh if they were ever forced to read her book. The word “trite” may slip between their teeth as they write “unoriginal” on the cover page.

    3. A scripted consciousness articulated with high does of poor humor is not progressive. It is repetitive. Simply because she is competent in the art of paraphrasing does not make her a writer. She's a note taker. Better yet, a mouthpiece.

    4. I suppose cursing makes you progressive??? Aesthetics is highly overrated in a capitalist society…so much for content.

    5. Sarcasm should not be conflated with ingenuity. Plus, her brand of sarcasm dilutes a substance-lacking rhetoric for a book.

    6. Red and blue boxes should be as antiquated as male and female boxes for the true “progressive;” or, as fashionable as a bell-bottoms.

    7. If politics were simply a game of jargon played within the fields of our minds, she’d be a great line backer. Unfortunately for the not so dumbed-down masses, we appreciate the power of politics as it defines the margins by which we term fascism FREEDOM.

    8. Due to the fondness she exhibits for miseducation and disinformation, I am convinced that her ignorance is intentional. As far as I am concerned, she is as much of a propagandist as Scott Roeder is a fundamentalist.