Monday, January 25, 2010

Tuesday, January 26: Graf Discussion and Slideshow


*Looks like a great event, plus it's at a new bookstore I've been meaning to check out in Fort Greene*

Piecebook Reloaded: Rare Graffiti Drawings, 1985-2005
Slide show and conversation with authors Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente and contributing artists TBA

Piecebook Reloaded is a tribute to the work of New York City’s graffiti community in its most private form—the sketches and drawings that fill hundreds of piecebooks that make their way through some of the greatest artists in the community. Unlike the more controversial forms of graffiti, which are also acts of vandalism, the art of the piecebook breaks no laws and puts no one in harm’s way.

Sacha and David, longtime Brooklynites who are deeply connected to local street art culture, will host a talk with some of the artists, which will include a sideshow presentation of many of the pieces and the chance to get books signed by graffiti impresarios.



  1. i am so going it a free event?

  2. It looks like it's free. I thought of you as soon as I saw this one haha. I am really hoping I can make it too, although there's a 30% chance I'll have to work late that night...will let you know tho~

  3. =0) cool i hope you cannnnn make it